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Online teacher-parent communication




This is an era where the online education is more popular than the class room education. Due to the advent of e-learning, there has been a slight decrease in student-peer interaction. Parents and teachers must communicate to encourage better student connections. This interaction would mark the start of a student’s academic journey in a perfect world. Parent-teacher communication in an online classroom is essential for a student’s overall development across all areas. In order to influence a student’s future, it is essential to comprehend the significance of parent-teacher communication.

Benefits of parent-teacher communication

A student’s academic performance and morale can be enhanced by efficient teacher-parent communication. Parents’ involvement keeps the students motivated. Additionally, parents will have a chance to learn about their child’s virtues and shortcomings. If parents participate in the learning process, teachers may also notice better student achievement. The parent can support the teacher by passively reinforcing lessons outside of the remote classroom because they better understand what their child is learning. There is room for open communication between the parent and teacher if a student is having difficulties, which can comfortably resolve problems. A positive relationship between parents and teachers improves the student’s ability to learn. So it’s evident that effective communication benefits teachers, parents, and students.

Why is parent-teacher communication in an online classroom important?

Enhancement of academic performance 

It’s essential to recognize that every student has unique academic requirements. While some students like working alone and require less scholarly attention, others may need more time to fully grasp the subject. Parent-teacher communication is vital in these situations.

Develop a more profound knowledge of the student 

Certain students behave differently in various environments. They might be extroverted in domestic contexts, but they might be incredibly calm in the classroom. Parent-teacher communication is essential in understanding the character of the student in environments different from those to which they are used. When parents and teachers are both aware of how the student behaves in various contexts, teachers may more easily bring out the best in their students.

Enhancement of teaching method 

It is simpler for the teacher to design better learning opportunities for the student if they are aware of their strengths and weaknesses. The teacher may need to adapt the teaching method based on each student’s capacity for thought. The teaching process can only be personalized if the teacher is aware of the issues the student is facing.

Establishing a transparent communication mechanism 

A strong parent-teacher communication is built on an open line of communication. It is essential to present the teacher with all of your expectations, issues, and thoughts. In a similar spirit, the teacher needs to tell the parents everything right away. This is necessary for the student’s overall growth.

Ways to improve parent-teacher communication

To ensure that students are prepared for success in the classroom, you should collaborate with various parents while using a variety of approaches and resources. Listed below are some suggestions for enhancing parent-teacher communication:

Being proactive and optimistic 

Being proactive is one of the simplest places to start when trying to improve communication with parents in an online classroom. Teachers can emphasize that communication is essential in other situations outside just unfavorable student feedback by developing ties with the parents.

Focus on your objectives 

While communicating with parents in an online classroom, always keep your ultimate goal in mind. A remedy should be the main topic of your speech. Never be reluctant to ask the parent for help if you need it when completing a task. You can work together, as a result, to support the student’s academic success. This gives you the chance to work with others in collaboration.


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